What Is Gesture Technology?

What Is Gesture Technology?

Jun 16 , 2021


Science has a way of progressively making once complicated tasks easier to perform. One of the latest developments is in the area of gesture technology. Using simple expressions, body language, or motions, various devices can be ordered to perform different actions. It is intuitive, easy to learn, and can be used by almost anyone.

If you’ve ever wondered what gesture technology is all about, then this article will help enlighten you. We’ll take a quick look at the latest in cutting-edge control innovation and its current and potential applications.

A Brief Overview of Gesture Technology

Also known as gesture recognition, gesture technology aims to interpret various human gestures via algorithms and turn them into commands that computers can understand. Some devices rely on visual information via cameras, while others use motion detection as a means of gathering data.

The advantage of gesture technology is that it is simpler to use than most normal control methods. Various button combinations can be replaced by having a machine interpret a hand motion or facial expression. Having a device turn left or right by moving your hand in that direction is a lot more intuitive than using a joystick.

There are different types of input devices that can be used for gesture recognition technology, but they can be categorized as either wearable or hands-free. Wearable gesture tech, as the name implies, means the input devices are worn by the user. These can take the form of wired gloves, motion-based controllers, or motion sensors. Movement is detected by the gadgets on the body, and any information is translated to machine commands.

The hands-free type of gesture technology involves cameras that ‘look’ at what the user is doing. It can interpret motion and facial expressions and perform actions accordingly. This kind of gesture recognition tech relies on digital cameras to gather visual information.

All of this may sound like science fiction, but gesture technology exists in one form or another in our daily lives. The face lock feature of cellphones, for instance, can be considered as a form of hands-free gesture technology. Virtual reality devices that rely on motion controllers can be considered as part of these advances as well.

As more companies adapt this high-tech approach to user input, expect it to become more common in day-to-day devices. In fact, you may already own gadgets that make use of gesture technology without even realizing it.

Current Developments and Potential Uses

As there’s no standard on how gesture technology is developed, many companies are working simultaneously to adapt it to their various products. Some gadgets already incorporate gesture tech, but you don’t really notice them because they’re already so familiar. A good example would be the X-box Kinect which was released back in 2010.

Today, various VR accessories use motion detection hardware and software to turn user’s movements into real-time in-game commands. As VR grows in popularity, expect to see more games and software take advantage of these gesture inputs.

Google, a brand of global renown, has also thrown its hat into the fray with its creation of the Soli chip. Already in use in Google’s newer Pixel 4 phone model, Soli detects the user’s hand motions and even facial expressions. Now, all it takes is a wave of the hand to skip songs, turn off alarms, or even answer calls. As Google incorporates the Soli chip into its other devices, you can expect these conveniences to be included as well.

Not surprisingly, gesture technology has also found its way into toys. Remote control vehicles can now be operated with hand motions rather than with joysticks. This type of interactivity makes playtime a lot more fun.

In addition, gesture controls have been incorporated into the automobile industry, health care services, and various military applications. As giving commands by gestures is more intuitive, it can decrease the chance of errors during use. In fields where being accurate is important, the benefits of gesture technology can’t be understated. As it further develops, expect other industries to adopt it as well.

A Better Way to Control Devices

It can be argued that gesture technology presents a better way of operating various devices. If you want precise controls, then gesture recognition is certainly the way to go.

Do you have any experiences with gesture technology that you wish to share? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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